Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Message for Those People Who Feels Lost.

It's true, when they say that they feel lost.

Its not lost in terms of not knowing what's going to happen next, and what we should all do in life. Everybody knows.Okay, maybe not everyone, but ALMOST.

Almost everybody knows that you will have to prepare yourself for the afterlife which is far more important than these crazy lunatic cards life throws at you. Almost everybody knows what they're suppose to do. Pray, pray, pray, have faith and pray. Gain pahala. Gain them more and more.

Its something destined. Something definite. so, supposely, everyone should have an idea on what their purpose in life is, yes? Then why do they still claim to feel so lost when they are aware in the back of their mind that the purpose of living is getting themselves prepared in the afterlife?

Its true, when they say they feel lost.

Its not that feeling of losing faith in God.

Its that feeling of not knowing what other things to do, to focus on, to achieve, while they are waiting in line for their turn of the utmost exam of life of all time. Not really knowing what to do with all those times they have in their hands. Not knowing what they really want in life.

Humans are insatiable. Everytime when they've achieve something, they will always want something else. Always going to reach out for the shadows they know they can't grab on to. Always wanting something they know they just can't have. and when they realize they can't, thats when they claim to feel lost.

For these kinds of people, including myself, i have two advises for you.

Its not wrong to actually chase that shadow. Go ahead and chase it, live your dream. Yes, you might have other responsibilities you need to consider. But that doesnt mean its utterly impossible. You can find a way to work it out. There's always a way. There's always a door. There always will, but it oftenly depends on your own eyes and will whether you have the courage to make a change or letting your pair of clear healthy eyes to remain blind from looking a possible way to work it out. Life is a gold mine, anyone can be anything and there always will be a way. The only thing you need is to give yourself a bitch slap and say, "BRING IT ON!"

But in case if you just feel... to coward to make a change. Like me. In case if you feel that its's not really necessary  these changes. But you still feel lost either way. Then this will be my advise to you.

Count the blessings.

This is, for me, a much more peaceful option. Risk-free. Care-free. Being thankful of all the things that you own, that you have.

Look above you. Do you have a roof on top of your head? then be reminded that a lot of homeless people out there are craving the warmth and comfortable place you call home. They would kill to have water, bed, food, and fresh clothing like you do everyday.

Look around you, what do you have lying around? Ipad? Samsung s3? Television? a fridge? thousands of people from low-class families, who lives in small, smelly, ridden-looking flat, can't afford what you have now.

Look further. Who do you see? Your parents? your brothers? your sisters? your best friends? Your daughters? Your sons? Your nieces and nephews? Then be grateful that there are still people who care about you than those who have lost everyone in their lives.

When you feel down, you tend to forget all these wonderful things you have. When your loved ones hurt you, you are forgetting the times when they did you good. When you lost something or someone, you are forgetting the rest of things and people that still stand by you. When your emotion is filled with pain, you are forgetting the sweet memories that actually happened, those times when those people that used to matter actually made you smile.

I know its easier to blame others. But don't let life gets to you. Its hard, i know. But you know what? You can actually get through it. God has faith in you that you are capable and it was HE who invented you and knows you best. Which is why he laid the spiky path for you and not other people. Even God Himself has faith in you, then why don't you?

Just when everything seems to be going all wrong, stop. Just stop whatever you're doing for 5 minutes. Stop and take a deep breath, close your eyes, and remember.....

Remember the wonderful things you own, remember the loved ones who would cry if you're gone... Don't THEY matter to you? Remember the sweet memories that the person who hurt you did you good once.  Weren't you actually HAPPY when they made you smile and laugh a few times back then? Stop, relax, and remember.

Count the blessings. 

Remind yourself of all that and be grateful.

And hey, hard times doesnt last that long you know. So don't worry about it. Life is like a spinning wheel. When you're below, you know that there will come to a point when you're going to rise again. The time will come. But its when you're all on the top and happy is when you need to be careful, because hardships will come and bite you down to the ground in just a matter of time.

And for that special someone who feels down due to the mouth of others, chin up and tell them "SCREW YOU!" They don't matter. They're not going to affect your life when you don't let them.

and again. Count the blessings.

I have a special quote on that from here:

 Life is quite similar to UNO cards. There are variety of cards that life might throw at you. You are weakest when you have quite a sum in your hands and the only way to win is to let go of everything you have. Reality is, the one who leaves the game earliest is actually the most lucky one.

If you know how UNO works, you'll get the message.

There's always someone out there who suffers worse fate that you do right now so don't take things too hard on yourself, and always, always, always remember.

To count the blessings.