Sunday, 17 February 2013

Too tired to even think.

Right now, my body is just plain tired. I have lots of plans planted in my head right now but i cant seem to get them done even when i do have free time.

No, i dont know what my next goal should be. Im not surea myself. Im just too exhausted to think or plan anything else.

And nope, i dont hAve boyfriends. Not anymore.

When the time comes, the time comes. Tired of searching. Right now, my mindset is 'we'll cross the bridge when we get there.'

I really just dont care anymore. I am plain exhausted.

I'll do whatever thinkinh i should be doing next morning.


Saturday, 16 February 2013


it has been far too long since i last wrote something here.

Updates? well lets see.

i am DONE with dating and flirting. all those shitty dates only tires me down. not to mention wasting a lot of money on the dates. yes, i am the one who has been paying for all the stupid dates. screw me.

and i am TIRED of searching. i just want to focus my love and attention to only ONE person. This time, i really want to be commited to just ONE guy. but i haven't found one worthy of my effort, love amd time just yet.

my job is okay for now. The only downside is that i dont get to have any day offs or holidays even on weekends.

my passion is back, and the idea is on. The only thing lacking is the skill to write smoothly. gotta fix on that soon.

life? life has been... pretty much dull but comfortable. i dont know what to look forward to now since i am done with blind dates. just hoping to go with the flow and see what's in store.