Friday, 28 May 2010

Start living!

Things are starting to get really2 boring here.

I need to do something. I need a goal.

I need motivation.

I need to live my life and start LIVING it.

I need a guy friend. (T_T)

I really want a guy friend huhu~

Friday, 21 May 2010

He made me realise something...

I sat in front of my laptop and started browsing for this popular teenage icon or idol or whatever u called it. A Filipino idol. Just browsing him for fun.

I searched for him in facebooks and you-tubes. I watched his videos and browsed through his never-ending pictures. And as i was busy admiring this guy, a thought came into my mind.

I thought, this guy. He's really, really good at dancing. so does his group of friends. This popular guy who were just a background dancer for this one popular male artist turns out to be so famous that it made him into something else; a complete artist himself.

Thats not what i had in mind tho. What i really was thinking at the time what this:

This particular guy. He's so good at dancing. Really good. And i bet its the only thing he's really good at, at least good at the most. Thats why he manage to move forward and climb one step at a time into the peak of something, and ending up starting a real career with his talented skill.

This guy, he started out as a kid. a normal kid, a normal teenager who goes to school and doing stuff like other teenager does. Except that he's good at dancing and that has always been his talent, his passion. And he's good at using it and channeling his skill into the right way too. He channels his talent, his hobby, his skill, this thing he's really good at, he use it to win a lot of school competitions.

And until one day, he used his skill, talent, this thing he's good at, to compete in this audition and he was chosen by the company among with a few other guys who has the talent that he has. He was chosen out of other thousands of guys by this popular company to sign a contract to work as a background dancer for this particular male artist.

And sure enough by watching his video performances, anyone can tell that this guy is really good at dancing and he loved his new job. He started to work as one of the background dancer for this artist and get to know the other chosen guys and work with them as a group. they even named themselves, making themselves as an unofficial group which somehow later became very popular. They perform in front of thousands of fans of the artists and go wherever the artist needs to go.

Soon, the background dancers themselves became popular as an individual, n they also started owning their own fans despite only being the background dancer.

What was more impressing was that not only they became popular, but thousands of fans cheered for THEM when they made an entrance too! They seemed to be as if artists themselves. And because if this, other TV company started noticing them and used them and their popularity to make money; TV companies started hiring these background dancers to work in TV advertisements, TV shows and even acting in dramas!

And then i thought, this kid. He started as a normal kid who just loves dancing and is very good at it; which soon made him famous and climbing up the peak, carving his name among the other popular artists, starting as a mere background dancer who everyone never gives a damn before. No one knew his name even when he started working as a background dancer for the male artist.

But thanks to him and his friends who knew how to find publicity thru Facebooks, Myspaces, Friendsters, you-tubes and a lot of other internet sources, they manage to make themselves known to others and people start noticing this small group of guys who r good at dancing. they started seeing these guys. And soon they become popular as an individual.

I am impressed. Really impressed.

And this guy made me realized something; that everyone is unique.

Everyone has their own unique ability or talent or skill. Some people, like that guy, is really good at dancing. he's just really good at dancing and he knows how to channel it well too. Some are good at treating patients; doctors. Some are good at analysing stones. Some are good at listening to people's problems. Some are good at drawing people or views. Some are good at taking good photos, some are good at cooking. Some are good at taking videos and making good movies. Some are good at writing. Some are good at being mom. Some are good at publicities and making people famous. Some are good at making money.

Basically, everyone is just good at something. Everyone has their own talent, skills, abilities. Everyone knows something or at least is good at something. Heck, even the homeless or drug addicts or ciminals are good at something. The homeless might be good at finding good spots for finding food, warm places, in and out of the cities and shortcuts we never knew exist. Drug addicts might be good at conning people, lying, etc.. And criminals, maybe, are just good at almost everything.

Everyone has something they know best or something they are good at. If you said you don't, trust me, one day you will. And just like that guy, you just need to start off somewhere, and know how to channel your ability well. You may start off as the background, as a nobody, hiding behind the shadows. But soon you will get to find your way out to the light and shine yourself, and climb to the top.

He just made me realize.... That everyone has something they're good at. And we don't need to be jealous of people who are good at this or that.

Because you see, they will also feel jealous with you being good at the things you are good at. You also has some talent or skill or something you know that they dont.

So use them well. And most importantly..

Channel them well. (^^)

p/s: i just suck at finding words for motivation isn't it?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hate = Obssesion

i hate being obsessed with something.

I hate the feeling, i hate going through the internet and googling and you-tubing and wikipediaing the item or person that i am trully, deeply, freakingly obssessed of.

I hate it so much.

Because its PATHETIC to be obsessed of something, or especially, being obsessed with someone that you know you can never be able to even get close to him/her, let alone having them as your friend or what's more impossible is owning him/her as your beloved one and have that person to love you back the same way.

I hate being obsessed.

Because obsessions often leads to hurtful disappointments.

I learned it the hard way and I've learned to let go of things or stop being too involved with something or someone.

It hurts a lot when you start to become obsessed with someone or something, because disappointment comes along with it as a complete package.

And right now i hate myself a lot for breaking my own set of rules. FFFF me.

p/s: i HATE you-tube. i won't ever open it unless i got a really vitally important business i need to settle which requires me to get it on you-tube. You-tube is the ROOT of obsessions.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


I'm pretty satisfied with my final exam.

I really hope my score is better this semester -.-

and now there's one more problem i need to settle before i can exhale with relief

FFFF JPJ TEST!!! BHsbahdkbas bdxhqbw!!!!