Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Summary of 2015

Summary of 2015

January - February

  •  Nothing special. Work. That's all there is to it.


  • First time treating the whole family to Ipoh trip and stay at a hotel there
  • We went for Sunway Lagoon's The Lost World of Tambun
  • It was nice, the whole family went along.
  • Scratched my knee in a water slide because it was too slippery and i was too fat and heavy
  • Learned never to ride water slides again.
  • My pink Sony Xperia z1 compact was ruined during the waterslide trip because the waterproof cover was opened.


  • More work.


  • Went to Penang with my good friend since high school
  • She had broke up with her 2 year relationship boyfriend (which i seriously did not see this break up coming at all)
  • Insisted on going to Penang to see her ex-boyfriend to give him a gift she bought for him for his birthday before they broke up.
  • Comforted her all the way go and back to and from Penang.
  • She was the one driving. She drove so effing slow. I felt like killing myself.
  • The traffic was THE WORST. took 6 hours just to reach the effing place.
  • Had to bear with her being depressingly sad throughout all the trip.
  • Had to bear with her breaking down in our hotel room when her boyfriend cancelled the meeting at first. (I seriously feel like killing that motherfucking asshole of a dick)
  • Persuaded and ensured meeting was set and let them discuss while i roamed the crowd looking for food.
  • It did not go well. He refused to get back together with her. I refused to acknowledge her being sad or his presence. I did not want to have to clean up the mess. 
  • Tried getting her mind off it by going to Bukit Bendera the next day (which was fucking crowded and i fucking hate the people there. Why do they have to be there??)
  • Ended up having to listen to her punishing herself and blaming herself for the break up instead of actually seeing the cold hard fact that this fucking guy is being as asshole.
  • We went to the beach. It was not beautiful as how it pictured in the pictures. SUCKS ASS.
  • The trip did not go well. I do not have any good impression for the memory of the trip at all. 
  • Except for shopping. The shopping part at the night market in feringghi. That one was worth it.


  • Work. Work. Work.
  • My friend's car just crashed. She was oppressed by her company and colleagues.
  • Her mom made it worse by complaining about the cats and new kittens at her home
  • Attempted suicide and suddenly went nuts. I panicked and skipped work to check on her.
  • Took the kittens from her to save her from the burden. Help gave out 3 kittens. Saved 2.
  • Most adorable babies ever.
  • Got to know this one guy from tinder who apparently has a mutual friend with two of my male colleagues from college which seems very unlikely.
  • Handsome. Good looking. Tried to flirt with the guy but it seems that all my signals were not read or that he was simply not interested.
  • First time webcam with him and we got into an argument (which i dont remember what it was about but it seriously annoyed me) and i hung up on him. Suprisingly he did not think that was an angry thing. I thought we would never speak again but he said hi as per normal.
  • Found out he was really boring. He refuse to share anything personal or interesting conversations. I decided to just let him be and continue with my life.


  • First trip planned to Tioman Island.
  • Stayed at mersing before leaving to tioman.
  • Went with the same friend and her other male friend from college days.
  • Regretted choosing the location of the chalet where we stay and the location of the village.
  • Manage to go for snorkelling trip. With a bunch of foreigners (couples and families)
  • Made a friend with one of the staff there.
  • Ocean was so fucking beautiful and crystal clear. The sand was as soft and white as flour.


  • Work. Thats it.


  • Bought a new note 4 because my freaking Sony Xperia Z3 compact fell down and broke the screen.
  • Regretted the purchase. Was duped by the seller.


  • An old friend from college suddenly ask to meet her with her new baby.
  • Felt seriously awkward. We haven't talked in ages for a reason.
  • Her baby looks exactly like her motherfucking husband i hate for tormenting her.
  • They were alright.
  • Went to KLCC to Petro Science and the Illusion gallery.
  • Felt the gallery and the petro science was like a joke. It was too child-like. Didnt feel so awesome now that i went back there as an adult.
  • Disappointed with the illusion thing. Too short. I could have just watched all those from youtube rather than having to pay to get into the poor exhibition.
  • Skipped work to go for my sister's graduation ceremony. Worth it.
  • Went to Melaka for a small family gathering with awesome relatives from my moms side. It was really happy. The happiest moment ever. Everyone was laughing and had a good time, Mom was happy and enjoyed herself as well. I like to see her happy like that. unlike gatherings from my dads side. Ugh.


  • Bought my mom new shoes costing walloping amount of RM200.
  • She was really happy. She smiled giddily. I like that.
  • Went for dinner for company. Alone. mixed up with a table of strangers. Was touched by a seriously polite chinese guy and the whole table itself who were so considerate in treating he as if i am the host of the table and a special guest.


  • Got my first Iphone 6. Found out it was mistakenly given from a refursbished phone. Regretted purchase too.
  • My freaking Surface 2 tab is damaged. I dont know why.
  • Treated the whole family to a Desaru trip. Regretted the trip as well. Was not a good time to visit the beach because it was monsoon season.
  • Was somehow caught into an unexpected flirt session with the guy back from tinder.
  • The guy suddenly asked if we are a couple, which caught me off guard as i did not expect this coming from him. (for gods sake i have been trying to win this guy since forever and he did not take one hint!)
  • Accepted his proposal. Got to know him closer. Decided to take it slow and go with the flow.
  • Skyped with him again. So adorable and shy. Looks so smitten. Awwh.
  • He confessed he had a crush on me? I did not see that coming as well. Where did that come from?
  • Met him later on january next year. DROOL. Just as handsome as in the pictures.
  • Brought him for a visit to taman buaya in melaka. he later tour-guided me and navigated me through the melaka streets.
  • He talks a lot. It made me comfortable. 
  • Accompanied him to shop clothes. Found out he has a good but expensive taste. Impressed with his computer skills and knowledge and passion. And adorableness.
  • Bought his very first built desktop PC (as i had always needed one).
  • Didn't end as well as i thought and learned he had some flaws as well. But hey. No one is perfect. We had a good time. Never had such a good date like that for a long time.