Sunday, 28 December 2014

Summary of 2014

January - June

  • Manage to score myself a stable job as a bank support for an international bank
  • Developing and learning skills on credit cards.
  • Stabilizing in credit card issues.
  • Coupled with a Honda Team Leader from Melaka (origin from Johor)
  • Started as a scandal relationship, which later assumed as a stable relationship since the guy has a stable job, has a car, dedicated to his job, is older, and didn't even mind dating me despite how I look. Heck, even hold my hands willingly in public and not ashamed to show how he cares for me in real life. (he was such a gentleman. he even offered holding my handbag for me, drove me anywhere I wanted to go, bought me presents on our first date, even get me to accompany him to go for shopping for his clothes)
  • Sadly, it ended only after several months as I confronted him about his 'cold' and being suddenly 'distant' with me, when he confessed he was actually engaged even before he know me, and is due to get married the end of this year.
  • I didn't even flinched. I calmly said its okay and broke up with him. I didn't even love him. he was the most well mannered guy I ever met, and the relationship with him was the most authentic like ever, but I never felt the connection. and I have suspected theres something off with him ever since we first know each other. So it was okay. It was sad, but I took it well.

July - October

  • Never went on dating anymore, not even blind dates.
  • Upgraded and promoted to banking skills, where I learned to handle banking-related inquiries instead of credit cards, and how to navigate through the banking streams processings.
  • Loved Personal Financing. Hated Mortgage Loans.
  • Got into some trouble once about this angry customer who demanded a manager to call back, which I never told anyone and disregard it, because the customer did not went through verification with me before demanding call back. (so I assumed its not valid for me to alert the managers for a callback).
  • Having a crush with this one super hot newbie guy (still do!) but not over-obsessing it because, hey, he's really cute, and the girls on the whole floor is drooling over him too)
  • No longer friends with the 'Social Bird' friend I had back then, due to feeling annoyed with her stupid luck of having stable guys wanting to be in relationship with her, and her being able to jump from one stable relationship to another just because she's friendly (and I don't think that slut deserves it, after knowing what she did behind these guys' backs)
  • No progress on writing. Still scared. Still finding that strength.
  • No progress on dieting either.
  • Nothing to report other than being my usual quiet self who minds her own business.

November - December

  • Promoted and upgraded to Premier Department (a special department servicing Premier/VIP/VVIP customers on their banking & credit card related enquiries)
  • Getting paid extra due to the promotion.
  • Knowing this one Toys R Us manager whom I don't mind flirting with, but refuse to meet him. (highly suspicious that he is either married or engaged after reading his social feeds online)
  • Still no progress on writing.
  • A bit progress on dieting but still no obvious changes.
  • Got a new, really friendly manager (too friendly, that I felt suspicious & uncomfortable because no one is that friendly to new people, which makes me feel as if maybe he is pretending, and might talk behind my back like how the social bird does it. She is that friendly to people too, and she talks about those people behind their backs. these kinds of friendly people are dangerous as fuck)
  • REALLY STRESSED WITH THIS NEW POSITION. (too many follow ups and customers to handle which each one is just as important)
  • Screwed up big time on a case of premature upliftment of term deposit from a VVIP customers above RM500,000++, which I have alerted a manager to help me uplift but the manager didn't do the job. Which then ends up this VVIP customer making a huge complaint against us. The managers have been pushing me to remember the name of that manager I asked permission from for the upliftment, but I cant remember. (I handled tons of customers each day, and I don't even care if they want to uplift RM1 million. Its not my money and I don't really care, as long as I do my job right.)
  • The case is still on going and I am scared to ask the progress because I know it will upset them.
  • The first birthday I celebrated without any presents from any of my family. (its some sort of a humiliation to even ask, since I can already afford buying what I want. It kinda hurts to be reminded that I am already, officially, a 25 year old working lady who is already capable of financial independence and that I cant rely on my family to help me anymore)
  • Bought myself a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet to replace my laptop as a birthday present to myself, which I LOVE and did not regret buying.

So there you go. Not much happened in 2014 other than me working my ass off, getting promoted, being cheated on, and screwing up a few times.

Loving my new tablet which I am typing this from right now.

Hopefully next year will be the year of achievement.

Achieving to buy my own car, or home, and losing weight.