Monday, 6 January 2014

Summary of 2013

January - July

- Worked at a distributor centre
- Opened to a new culture of work
- Get to know a lot of passionate people including awesome, passionate and understanding bosses. (although i did complain about my boss not giving me holiday and that i have to work 6 days per week)
- Learned to use excel sheet with simple formula.
- Was in a relationship with a student who ended up using me for my money & transport, then got back together with his ex of which was aware me and him were together and met me, telling me she's still in love with him.
- Was then in a relationship with an asshole manager who was stingy, childish and immature.
- Stop working at the distributor centre as the centre closed down.

July - October

- Unemployed, job-hunting
- Determined to lose weight, started dieting & exercising
- Lost 10 kg
- Hooked up with Dance Central
- Dated a lot of jerks who ended up not contacting me anymore
- Already gave up dating at one point.

October - December

- Accepted working in a banking company.
- Started learning new banking terms (and i swear i had serious series of headaches. My head feels like it's going to blow up)
- Met a lot of new people, awesome friendly colleagues, awesome working environment.
- Met a few people from my past that i really DON'T wanna meet. But having to endure it nevertheless.
- Starting to get used to the job, and with comfortable salary.
- Stopped exercising and dieting due to being busy (but struggling to maintain)

Basically, i think 2013 is my year of growth. Learned a lot, and starting to get back on my feet from what happened last year. 2013 is a stable year for me. A year of sprouting & growth.

And 2014 will be a year of developing.