Monday, 28 January 2013

Enough Said

i've broke up with the chef due to his gold digging habit and total ignorance habit.

two words.

good riddance!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Confession #003

i find inspiration to write through listening musics. only certain kinds of music will be able to inspire me.

and when that moment happens, i will close my eyes and imagine the scenes in my storyline which fits through the music.

that is one of my source of ecstacy.

p/s: any music you would like to share? i prefer sad, melodramatic, sentimental kind of music.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Confession #002

i played with barbie dolls with my sisters (not like the kindergarten play but a real acting with a cool story plot play) until i was 16.

and i still keep my favourite dolls. (male ones)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Summary of 2012

January - Mid February

-Working at Uncle's company
-Stressed out but was enjoying my job
-Involved in a high-risk failing, corrupted project with the National Postal Service
-Did something legal to save the company's ass but action was hated by boss & colleagues.
-Resigned job to avoid further family feud.

Mid February - October

-Unaware of time passing by. (LITERALLY)
-Was mentally disturbed; loving a girl & stuff. (wasted 5 freaking months)
-Ended up getting heart broken; SERIOUSLY BAD.
-Involved self with another relationship with another girl by mistake.(wasted another 4 months)
-Had sudden realization; broke up with the girl, told her half the truth.
-Got back with ex-boyfriend for only a while, until he cheated on my money. (never paid back till now)
-Applied for jobs for hotels in PD; all has no response; disappointed.

November - December

-Applied & accepted as a general clerk at a stockist 5 mins away from home.
-Participated on managing Date With Millionaire's seminar at Royale Bintang.
-Started being active in social sites.
-Started dating and flirting other guys actively; to made up for past mistake
-Realizing my birthday (21/12/2012) was NOT the end of the world as they claimed.
-Ending up in a kinda stable relationship with a final year culinary student at a nearby college.

And there you go. My 2012 was filled with nonsensical stuff. I accomplished nothing. Wasted a lot of time on a virtual life than focusing my own. I was a douchebag, a perfect loser. Yea of course i regretted them. I was a mentally lost person, seriously. All i could think and focus about at that time was that stupid girl my virtual life had loved, and how she was the one who finally ended up killing his heart. I wanted her dead. NO, I am certainly NOT kidding. Wasted months doing nothing but loving someone i shouldnt have. MONTHS!!! Oh God~ 

But at least by the beggining of 2013, i finally have a job (which doesnt pay much according to my degree, but it'll do for now). So far, its an OK job despite of not being able to apply for leave and even have to work on a saturday

And I think, i finally have a stable relationship. Despite of being two years younger than me , he can cook stuff (he's a freaking culinary student), he can speak acceptable fluent english, his vocabularies on english are SUPERB, he's a really funny guy, has a good sense of humour (he can make me smile and laugh every single time we meet), and he's a 9gagger like me. An acceptably good looker despite being skinny, literally ADORES me, My family (even dad & grandma) were already introduced to him, and he's a really good person at heart. Even his name is almost as similar as mine. Respect me and love me for how i am, and who i am. Yea he has flaws, i admit that. But i can live with it so far. I can tolerate it, SO FAR. We'll see how this one goes.

My new year resolutions are as per below:

1) to achieve stability in life (stable job, a car, etc)
2) Finishing the Twins story
3) Finish buying and reading targeted novels
4) Finish the goddamn Darkness story!
5) lose weight by june?
6) dress nicer & learn nicer make up

I think thats just it so far. Praying for 2013 to be a better year. It HAS to be!

Refference for Summary of 2011: click here!

Happy New Year folks~

confession #001

confession #1

apart from the bedroom, the toilet is my next favourite place to be.

because i can sit there and get my brain gears going, focusly.

eg #1: spending time just sitting in the toilet booth for a long time at the office to think, arrange my thoughts and/or sleep without being distracted.

i dont know why. toilet booths just seemed so peaceful. the only place where i can be left alone. i quiet place, with my own personal space. and no distraction from people and the environment.

p/s: the toilet has to be clean and dry of course.